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Brazilian viniculture

Today Brazil produces 500,000 tons of grapes on 88,000 hectares. Some 3.5 million hectoliters of juice and wine are made. This is done on 5 different terroirs, which can be up to 6,000 kilometers apart.

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Unique features of the Brazilian wine

Brazilian wines have the fruit and the "modernity" of the wines of the New World, on the other hand they are superior to those in elegance and complexity, as their high technological standard is based on the traditional European wines.
The region Campanha - one of the 3 favored wine regions in the world.
The University of California in a wide-ranging scientific investigation of hundreds of wine-growing regions in the 80's using strict criteria, came to the conclusion that the Brazilian region of Campanha in the extreme south of the country is one of the World's 3 best wine regions.

Welcome to the homepage of Wine-Brazil, Bemvindo no "site" de Wein-Brasilien,a family business, that specialises in Brazilian wine and  has  a close relationship to Brazil. We import wines and sparkling wines from the five most famous wineries in Brazil.

- Casa Valduga, the first Brazilian winery, which has specialised in sparkling wines, and is now the largest sparkling winery in Latin America.

- Vinicola Salton, the largest winery for quality wine in Brazil with an annual production of 25 million bottles of wine.

- Lidio Carraro, a boutique winery, which focuses exclusively on premium wines, with an annual yield of 3,000 bottles and inclusion in 2008 in the exclusive circle of "Leading Wineries of the World".

Boscato Winery, whose innovative methods of cultivation and quality control develop premium wines in very many regions. Included in 2008 in the exclusive circle of "Leading Wineries of the World".

- Pizzato Vinhas & Vinhos, that recently was added to the portfolio of Wein-Brasilien, because of great results in several degustations.

- Miolo Wine Group, which has wineries in all 5 wine producing regions of Brazil, from the extreme south at 31 degrees latitude to the wine region in the world closest to the Equator, at 8 degrees latitude at Vale do Rio São Francisco.

| to straighten out some possible misunderstandings: Miolo is about to cut the traditional supply to Wein-Brasilien in a uni-lateral way; this same behavior Miolo has practiced already in several other European countries. Currently negotiations are being carried out on the top management level (board of directors) hoping that this quarrel being terminated and a reconciliation being reached. On the other hand, the tough case of sueing Miolo in Brazil to recover the substantial initial investment taken by Wein-Brasilien, to raise the Miolo brands in Germany, as well as making this story public in the Brazilian media , remains as the last resort.|

Among the great and famous wineries of Brazil, these certainly belong to the best and finest of all. Today, one or more of these wineries appear on the wine list of all top restaurants in Brazil and now also on the wine lists of  many "star" restaurants in Germany.

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