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The company was founded in 1910 as the Salton Vinicola by Paulo, Angelo, Joao, and Antonio Cazar Salton after the business of your father. Mr. Salton was an Italian immigrant who began to operate a vineyard in the south of Brazil. The wines of the past were meant more for domestic use. This changed when the brothers began to plant vines to produce sparkling wines and vermouth. All this under the name "Paulo Salton & Irmaos" (brothers) in the city of Bento Goncaleves.

The relocation of the Head Office to Sao Paulo from Bento Goncalevez was a milestone in the history of the success of Brothers Salton. Almost a decade later, Salton is one of the best and largest wineries in the country and is known, inter alia, for its progress in the last 99 years. The Vinicola Salton has  already been successful for 4 generations as a family business.

This success story is due mainly to the excellent sparkling wines produced. For four years in a row Vinicola Salton was selected as the best sparkling wine producer in Brazil. The numerous national and international awards confirm the views and style of the winery. With nearly 15 million bottles per year Vinicola Salton belongs to the three largest and best wine cellars in Brazil.


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