Lidio Carraro - The small exclusive winery

Lidio Carraro is a boutique winery, launched in 1998 after it had already been operated for five generations of winegrowing. The two regions of Lidio Carraro are in the south of Brazil in the Vale dos Vinhedos and Encruzilhada.

Only through the combination of technology, the right vegetation, modern technology and respect for the vineyard this young winery succeeded in launching exclsuive fine wine in 2002.

The estate follows the principle that the structure of the wines is not influenced by storage in wooden casks or barrels but solely by the expensive maintenance of the vine, the low yield of individual vines and clean work by the winemaker to bring the intense and unique wines to Lidio Carraro standard.

Lidio Carraro was recorded in September 2008 in the list of „Leading Wineries of the World“

aufgenommen. This honor will be awarded a total of only 300 wineries worldwide.


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