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1897: Giuseppe Miolo emigrated from the Italian town of Piombino Deese to Brazil and using his savings buys a piece of land. This will later be known as the Lote 43 in the south of Brazil. The first vines are planted.

1970: The family Miolo reaps one of the first Brazilian-quality wine grapes, but these are initially sold to foreign wineries.

1989: The family starts Miolo wines with their own grapes, the sale is in cans.

1998: The company Miolo fills their first bottle of wine under their own name. There follows a period with a rapid increase in research and massive investment in human resources and technology.

2002: Start of exports

2003: The Brazilian president takes the Lote 43 as the wine for official state receptions.

2003: A respected winemaker Michel Rolland is consultant to the firm Miolo Wine Group

Miolo imports only ISO certified European wine, whichever is the best quality of each vine. The Wine Group Miolo follows the guiding principle of sustainable development of wine in order to preserve the character and diversity of each grape. The wine assortment of Miolo Wine Group comprises more than 30 different wines and sparkling wines added to which there are grappa and sherry. The wines range from the cost-quality wine to elite Lote 43.

The regions of Miolo Wine Group:

Vale dos Vinhedos

This region is officially registered since 2001 as a wine region. There is also the location "Lote 43". Miolo farms 450 hectares in Vale dos Vinheods, which includes 120 hectares of the Miolo family, the remaining 330 hectares are divided among 80 producers.


The region lies on the border with Uruguay on 31 degrees Latitude, 300 m above sea level.

The vineyards are planted mainly with French and Portuguese grapes. Miolo here has 130 acres.

Serra Gaucha

The wines of the region is between 400-600 meters above sea level. There is a temperate, humid climate. The vineyards are run by small farmers who supply the grapes to the Miolo Wine Group. Lovari group is supported by the Group Miolo technically and oenologically.


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