Ten good reasons for Brazilian Wine
Unique features of  Brazilian wine

Brazilian wines have the fruit and the "modernity" of the wines of the New World, on the other hand they are superior to those in elegance and complexity, as their high technological standard is based on the traditional European wines.

Brazilian zest for life leads to dynamic growth in size and quality
Today 88.000 hectares, compared to 62.000hectares in 2003, the fastest growth in the new world
• area today,  52% more than Australia and 45% than Chile.
• Between 2003 and 2007 exports rose from $ 770,000 to $ 4.1 million.
• Since the mid-eighties, enormous investments in quality. The result is impressive:
Between 1995 and 2008, Brazilian wines have gained worldwide over 1,600 medals world-wide.

The region Campanha - one of the 3 favored wine regions in the world.
The University of California in a wide-ranging scientific investigation of hundreds of wine-growing regions in the 80's using strict criteria, came to the conclusion that the Brazilian region of Campanha in the extreme south of the country is one of the World´s 3 best wine regions.
The biggest sparkling wine cellar in Latin America and the Grand Prix of Sao Paulo
Casa Valduga in Rio Grande do Sul is the first winery that has produced good quality wines consistently. The estate is on the Grand Prix of Formula 1 in Sao Paulo, both  wines and Espumante, and today has the largest sparkling wine cellar in Latin America.
Michel Rolland and the Brazilian "President" wine
Within the framework of continuous quality improvement, the Miolo Wine Group in 2002 hired Michel Rolland wine experts as advisors under contract. One of the results was the top wine, Lote 43, which has been offered for several years by the Brazilian President at official receptions.

Recognition of the Vale dos Vinhedos as the first non-European wine-growing region
The Vale dos Vinhedos is the heart of the Brazilian wine industry. This region was recognized in 2007 by the EU as the first European wine-growing region-protected designation of origin.

Tropical dance on the tongue and two harvests per year at the Vale do Rio São Francisco
In the north of Brazil on 8 degrees Latitude, the wine region closest to the Equator in the world can be harvested twice a year due to the climatic conditions.
Inclusion in the "World Atlas of Wine" & "Leading Wineries of the World"
A recent tasting by Jancis Robinson and Julia Harding in London for the "World Atlas of Wine" of about 15 Brazilian wines was overwhelming. The wineries Lidio Carraro and Boscato are included in the prestigious list of "Leading Wineries of the World". Only 300 wineries around the world receive the title.

Brazilian wines are the big surprise at Anuga 2007
With a participation of 160 different wines of the EU and the "New World", wines of Brazil were awarded 7 medals by a high-level tasting panel headed by the Master of Wine, Mr. Markus del Monego, such as the Gold Medal
for the best red wine. Mr. del Monego was greatly impressed by the level of Brazilian wines. With 11 kinds of wine, the Brazilians won 14% of the medals.

Excellent results in the following three samplings in the 2nd Half of 2008
• In the magazine Vinum There was an extensive sampling of Latin America's top imported wines. Under the absolute top wines were 3 Argentina, 1 Chilean and 2 Brazilian - 2 "Grande Vindima" from the vineyard Lidio Carraro.

• In the internationally well-known wine competition, the "Mundus Vini" 2008, the Brazilian wines won 3 gold medals and several silver medals.

• In the magazine "Wine" Brazilian wines, on average, achieved the best score among
Overseas Wines (EPP <10 €).
Tannat 2005 / Miolo and Merlot 2004 / C. Valduga 90 or 88 points.
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